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Maldives Government & Bank Holidays 2010
Date Day/Week Holiday Name
01 January 2010 Friday New Year Holiday
15 February 2010 Monday

National Day

26 February 2010 Friday Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
18 March 2010 Thursday The Day Maldives Embraced Islam
26 July 2010 Monday Independence Day
27 July 2010 Tuesday On the Occasion of Independence Day
11 August 2010 Wednesday Beginning of Ramadan
10 September 2010 Friday Fit’r Eid Day
11 September 2010 Saturday On the Occasion of Fit’r Eid Day
12 September 2010 Sunday On the Occasion of Fit’r Eid Day
03 November 2010 Wednesday Victory Day
11 November 2010 Thursday Republic Day
15 November 2010 Monday Haj Day
16 November 2010 Tuesday Al’h’aa Eid Day
17 November 2010 Wednesday On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day
18 November 2010 Thursday On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day
19 November 2010 Friday On the Occasion of Al’h’aa Eid Day
07 December 2010 Tuesday Islamic New Year Holiday

Fridays and Saturdays (are the weekend in the Maldives)

A partial solar eclipse will occur on the 15th of January 2010 from 10:15 HRS to 14:23 HRS. And the maximum it can be seen at 12:25 HRS.

Download Maldives Public/Bank Holiday List 2010 in PDF format.


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